Ahhh..Dry Brushing..it has become a staple to my morning routine, and I have become somewhat addicted it.  My 8 year old son has also taken a liking to it, asking me to brush him at various times throughout the day.  With so many benefits, there’s no reason not to give it a try, and it can take as little as 5 minutes.  I start out each Cavi-Lipo session with a quick dry brushing over the treated area.  So far, not one client has ever even heard of it.  So here is a quick breakdown…

Some Benefits of Dry Brushing:

First, you need to purchase an all natural bristle brush, (one with a long handle is ideal to get harder to reach areas) Ok, you have your brush, now let’s start brushing!



1. The best place to dry brush is to stand in the shower, but not while the water is running.  This allows the falling dead skin to go right into the drain, and it is best to shower after dry brushing to wash away all that dead skin you just brushed off.

2. Start at the feet and always brush your way towards your heart.  I like to start in circular motions and then switch to long strokes. Do this 10-15 times on each area.

3. When you get to chest/neck area, be careful not to brush too hard as that is a more sensitive area.

4. When all finished, turn the water on and take your normal shower.  I sometimes alternate between hot and cold to stimulate blood circulation. (I also hear that’s great for the hair, so its a win-win.)

Try to add this to your daily routine, twice a day is best for a healthier you-from the inside out!