Woods Gravity Method Colonics, AKA Colon Hydrotherapy, uses gravity to gently introduce triple filtered UV filtered water to the colon. The gravity method colonic is one of the most natural ways to perform a colon cleanse without the use of pressure or machines.

The Woods Gravity Method is a closed system-meaning the water and waste that leave your body exit through a tube, so there is no need to worry about odor or any mess as it evacuates. The process is clean and efficient and you are completely covered for the entirety of the session.

Err….How does this work exactly?

The treatment begins with you lying comfortably on your left side on a custom treatment table. A small speculum is gently inserted into the rectum, (it sounds scarier than it is, I promise!) and your therapist will monitor the temperature and gentle flow of warm, triple filtered water into and out of your large intestine through a sanitized tube. You will then turn onto your back for a portion of the treatment as your therapist will continue to facilitate “releases” of fecal matter and gas from the large intestine with massaging your abdomen. The session will end with you again laying on your left side. The therapist will leave the room after removing the speculum from the body where you will then use the bathroom to discharge any remaining water, waste, and gas before you get dressed. Each session is about an hour long and you will leave with an extra pep in your step!

Benefits of Colonics

Improved digestion

Increased energy

Eliminates and prevents constipation

Glowing skin

Eliminates bloating

Reduced overall inflammation

…the benefits are endless

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